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No more tripping over electrical cords and loose plugs, banging up walls and furniture in the process. No recirculated dust, dirt and odours.

Ducted Vacuums are the most covenant efficient modern method for everyday cleaning which is up to more powerful than the conventional cleaner and since it is located in a remote location the sound produced is minimal the motor is usually located outside the living areas usually in the garage. The system is usually so quiet that it can be used without disturbing your family enjoyment while watching TV or your baby’s sleeping.

The system works quite simply by inserting a lightweight flexible hose with or without an on/off switch and attachments which plugs into the wall outlets which has been strategically installed around the home. There is no recirculated dust, dirt and odours. With Ducted Vacuum Systems they extracted harmlessly back to the main units.

The dirt capacity in a Central Vacuum is large it usually requires emptying once or twice a year. To the homeowner these systems are an investment they retain value to the house when selling.